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On the last day of 2019, talking to friends about what games they played in 2019, it was found to be overseas masterpieces such as Wind, Snow and Moon, and All-In War. Suddenly feel, have not played for a long time domestic martial arts single-machine RPG, each other from that golden age, but forget the soundless, not from some emotion.


If you're a post-80s 85, student-time touch pc game, presumably you'll have a similar sentimentality. But first of all should congratulate you, you have at least experienced the domestic martial arts RPG golden age. The martial arts RPG from around 90 years, has gone through a full 30 years, a lot older than many players.


In fact, as an old player, this era I have been in the rare computer room began to contact the martial arts RPG game. I'm more impressed than any other:


As for the earlier, such as 90 years of \"Xuanyuan sword 1\" and the legend of the first martial arts RPG\" Shenzhou eight sword \"because too old, with my qualifications have not touched the Noumenon (Xuanyuan sword 1 later played the player engraved version).


《 Xuanyuan Sword 2" can be said to be the great success of this era, the imitation of the Japanese RPG has reached its peak. And their own unique ink style, demon pot system and multi-magical studio chaos, after the series laid a solid foundation.


By the way, there is also a worthy mention of the 91-year \"chivalrous hero biography 1,\" I was later in the FC to play in the\" juvenile ranger \"re-engraved version, is actually completely re-etched, you dare believe the pirate manufacturers strong?


In fact, there are a lot of lesser-known martial arts single-machine games at this time, such as what \"wuyuan huang feihong \",\" chuliuxiang legendary blood sea fragrance\" and even including the wisdom of the crown of the \"shooting hero biography\" and so on because of the operation and plot of a series of anti-human settings, only some impression, no deep memory.


As the \"fairy sword chivalrous biography\" absolutely the first users, quite deep feelings for this game, even if the fairy sword has developed so many years, including later so many fierce martial arts games, no one can replace the status in the heart. The moon is an eternal goddess. Say that year, how many people because want to save the moon and continue to fall into all kinds of legends, all kinds of peach blossom forest and trial cave in every inch of the search? It's a lot more morning than the rescue heroine Alice from Final Fantasy 7.


《 Maple Dance "Even now, many players believe that this is the best fusion of historical plot, but also the most profound meaning of the martial arts game. Mozi's non-extruding spirit and organ skills, and the age of a hundred schools of thought contending for the integration, let the heart break.


The 96-year \"Jin Yong Qun chivalrous biography,\" to 2019 today there are countless new mod birth. Domestic game freedom can still be so high? Although it is still the intersection of the plot under the linear plot, when the choice of good and evil, the match of teammates, the practice of martial arts and so on, so that the players at that time were surprised to find that RPG has this kind of routine to play?


Jinshan's Xishan residence also entered the Bureau at this time, in 1997 fully imitated the \"Xianjian 1\" of the\" Sword Man Love 1\" was born. Although everywhere is full of imitation, but have to say that the end of the multi-line and the love and hate around the country, or captured the hearts of many players.


This stage of the top acousto-optic action performance of the martial arts game, is no doubt 98" chivalrous hero biography 3." The plot is also the best in the orthodox martial arts (fairy sword, Xuanyuan sword, and so on have gods and demons into the chaos, not so orthodox), the combat action deduction is more hanging the sky. It's just that life isn't in time, and it's not too much to play with in the days of the gods. I still remember until now," the lotus leaves spring hate, lotus leaves withered autumn hate into a ”……


At this time there are also a lot of general quality cannon fodder game. For example,\" God Diao Man 1\",\" Legend of the Sword Ranger \"and so on are also imitation of\" Sword 1\", here is not detailed.


Representative works: Xuanyuan sword 3,4 and foreign biography, immortal sword strange chivalrous biography 3, martial arts group chivalrous biography, heaven and earth robbery series, new generation double pride series, fantasy three national chronicles 1, new rely on the sky slaughter dragon, meteor butterfly sword, proud river lake series, sword chivalrous love 2 foreign biography, sword seal magic record.


Look at my masterpiece cannot write down, know how happy the player is at this time! Each big game manufacturer representative works the classic frequently, this golden 5 years is really worthy of the god's battle! Exaggerate say close your eyes to buy are classic!


Daewoo Department, it can be said that \"Xianjian 2\" after 8 years of long wait, gave a semi-finished product,\" Xianjian\" series in these five years some weak. \"Xianjian 3\" in the summer of 2003 to save a lot of situation, two swords, two of the past life of the entanglement finally\" very immortal sword flavor \", even heavy buildings are considered by many domestic RPG fans as compared to the \"FF7\" Safiros like blood and flesh of the classic boss! Later, of course,\" ask the way (love)\" rely on a variety of mazes to force the length of the game is still criticized by many players.


At this time Daewoo is the most prominent, when the \"Xuanyuan sword\" series. \"Yunhe Mountain \",\" the sky marks \",\" Black Dragon Dance Xi Yun Feiyang \",\" Cangzhitao\" four classic, can even leave their names on the whole history of the RPG in China! These four works are born in these five years:\" Yunhe Mountain \"across Europe, Arab, Datang majestic;

  智冠在这个年代推出的武侠作品也不少。代表作还是当初河洛工作室的《武林群侠传》及多年后复刻的《新倚天屠龙记》。《武林群侠传》作为《金庸群侠传》的后传,游戏模式打破常规,RPG 养成相交替的创新游戏模式令当时玩家眼前一亮,一样的结局自由度,让游戏有了多次游玩的兴趣。包括三部曲最后一部《三国群侠传》都是经典作品。

Zhiguan in this era launched a number of martial arts works. The masterpiece is also the original heluo studio's \"chivalrous chivalrous martial arts\" and many years later re-emgraved \"the new days of dragon slaughter.\" As the postquel of jin yong group chivalrous biography, wulin group chivalrous biography, the game mode breaks the convention, the rpg develops the alternate innovation game pattern to make the player at that time bright, the same ending freedom, lets the game have the interest of many trips. Including the last trilogy,\" The Three Kingdoms,\" are classics.


And \"the new days\" seems to inherit the Wang Jing film version of the strength, after finishing the peak of the light is gone... On the whole plot adaptation and game acousto-optic experience is definitely the top of the domestic, even the theme song \"bewitching\" I can still sing two or three sentences.


And Yu Jun technology's strong entry into the game also makes players exhilarate. \"The new generation of double pride\" series of original adaptation of the original bold divergence, martial arts training system, ATB combat mode under the refreshing attack, various hidden equipment props, branch plot and so on so that the series of works at that time not less than the \"fairy sword\" and \"Xuanyuan sword \". \"Fantasy Three Kingdoms\" system and \"the new generation\" in the same line, but the bold adaptation of the Yellow Emperor Chiyou plot, coupled with the cultivation of the spirit, make the model works more radiant Yingzi.


Then there were many hardcore players, until 20 years later the most classic martial arts stand-alone RPG was also born in this age, and 99 in 2002 in three years of short and brilliant through the whole journey... That is the \"heaven and earth robbery\" trilogy: is the biography of the supreme gods and demons, the preface of the \"you city magic sword record\" and the external biography of the world god knot.


The legend of the 《 gods and demons appeared in the rare srpg at that time. Although it is about the same age, the deep plot, the perfection of the fighting system, and the difficulty of the game can be said to be the "Xuanyuan sword volt magic record" of the experimental works. Where is the difficulty? Not to mention the perfect ending needs to achieve the conditions, equipment refining and so on, as far as the difficulty of fighting, even if the "flame seal" and other famous for the difficulty of strategic games will give players a few chapters of adaptation," the most powerful "good, the preface can only follow the master, but if they do not kill a monster, the lack of key props cannot get the most powerful equipment, is really insane. Fortunately, the next chapter on sacrificing non-key teammates in the course of the game can be revived, making many key moments of "meat shield for dead stream" a necessary tactic.


< Mirage Sword Record > and \"Atlanto Knot\" returned to the traditional RPG mode. But the task tips are almost missing, and the difficulty of fighting is even more heinous. For example,\" Youcheng magic sword record \"did not start for a long time, level 15 or so players to challenge the two gate leaders, do not practice to level 35 basic no chance of winning, although the failure of the plot can also continue, but cannot get rare drop to pursue the perfect player may give up? Think about it, in the 15 or so map to 35 level above, do not modify the words. It is also more hehe.


Of course, the most popular players are in the same line, from the beginning of the main legend to undertake the original supporting role Xia Hou Yi, and the protagonist Yin Jianping parents of the various stories. The tragedy of the plot, the strangeness of the story, a long-lasting taste.


There is also to say that the game manufacturer is Yuquan International. "Smiling、Proud Wanderer Single Edition" and "Meteor Butterfly Sword" two series of big enough to bring them to the altar. Whether it is the earliest 3D model and the restraint and anti-resistance of the continuous skill of the "Smiling、Proud Wanderer Single Machine Edition" or the "Meteor Butterfly Sword" until now known as "the strongest work of the domestic single ARPG (or ATC)", it makes the players with certain qualifications cannot forget. Of course, they also have such a number of works...


The domestic golden hill, at this time \"sword chivalrous love 2\" and\" moon shadow legend \", with \"dark\" operation mode also occupies the important position in the player's mind. Unperfect ending Xie Yuxin's song \"Tianxianzi \", so that\" Sword Warrior Love 2\" the whole plot has been sublimated a lot, little fairy Yan Ruoxue and straight South Palace Feiyun because of national hatred, and father Zhang Rumeng, Nangong rainbow linked to the number of people sighing.


Although the story structure is suspected of copying mr. cologne's \"full-moon machete \",\" swordsman love 2\" and the end of\" harem line \"still meet the needs of many players.


《 Sword Seal, is also a single work of pixel on the altar works. The biggest advantage is to introduce the idea of fighting game, break the routine to integrate it with the game, the player can fight with the enemy through single move, continuous skill, must kill skill. In the popularity and reputation of the time, compared to the current "Wolf."


In fact, at this time there are many excellent martial arts or martial arts works, such as \"qin war \",\" blue sky \",\" zhao yun \",\" the new tianlong eight \",\" true days to kill dragons\" and so on are more outstanding works at that time, but limited to the space (this I will be tired to write vomit), here is not a memory.


It is the inevitable law of the development of things, and by the impact of various online games, including immortal sword, ancient sword, sword chivalrous love, sword seal magic record and other ip are doing online games, the single machine naturally from the hands to input directly down.


It can be said that at this time the strongest masterpiece, there is only a 2007 sale of the \"Legend of the Sword 4.\" As the immortal sword in the history of the word of mouth enough to compete with the \"immortal sword 1\" classic works, the overall quality is proud enough, even many post-90s new players into the pit martial arts and ancient style games enlightenment works. The classic quote \"I don't owe my life to heaven\" appears as a central idea even in the 19-year-old phenomenal animation \"Nezha \"...


《 Xuanyuan sword "directly began to go down the parabolic slide. Xuanyuan sword 5 ambition enough, want to match "final fantasy 6" to do a group milestone game, but helpless fund and technical gap, there are some" draw tiger not anti-dog "tragedy. Not only didn't let the player remember a few characters, the whole plot because of too many teammates into the chaos, even created a negative impression let it some collapse.


And \"the cloud of han\" and \"the distance from the cloud \", the overall story and structure is qualified, only because of historical views and mainstream views have some incompatible, resulting in black spots have been attacked by some players.


In my opinion, the most classic work of the Fantasy Three Kingdoms series is the second. Whether it is the establishment of the previous generation under the structure of the system more and more perfect, or begonia and other people set up plump degree, or multi-branch plot penetration in this generation have done well. \"Fantasia 3\" is quite a dog-tailed mink feeling, this work is also the series of five works I have no patience to play the end of the work, the overall quality is not even as good as\" the new generation of double pride \".


Although the overall quality of 《 ancient sword chitan 1, can be said to be eating "immortal sword 4". Whether from propaganda or human connotation, obviously have the shadow of "Xianjian 4". But when the RPG model was changed into an action RPG, the poor quality of the hit really made it impossible to raise more interest.


《 Xuanyuan Sword 6 and "Gujian Qi Tan 2" for sale in the same period. Changyou's agency and marketing did a real job, even at the same time, but the first week of sales and "gujianqitan 2" were surprisingly satisfying. Of course, because of the lack of the product itself, along with the ancient sword 2, in the second week sales began a cliff-like decline, it is really a sigh. In fact, its own Fengtian Ling, Huyue and other people set up and the story can do, but an old-fashioned game mode and story plot, but gradually cannot adapt to this era.


And \"Xianjian Qixia Zhuan 5\" because of the invincible reputation of the previous work, became the first genuine sales of millions of single-machine masterpiece - only from the sales of the big. This is the plot of the mean, the first generation of hero Li Xiaoyao became a submissive to the poor is the player resentful. Although millions of sales did make Daewoo real money, but the loss of players, especially passers-by, so that the overall quality of the \"Sword 5 Prequel\" sales also encountered Waterloo.


《 Fantasia Three Kingdoms 4. Although if there are no some "base" of the plot let many rotten women excited, but its own plot and quality in this time has been a valuable work. With the words "Long time no see," I still can't forget.


There are some good works. For example,\" chivalrous legend \",\" ancient sword chitan 3\",\" taiwu painting volume \"even including mobile games,\" hanjia river lake\" are sales and word of mouth double harvest works. Unfortunately, the impact of almost no circle, or in a small group of martial arts single-machine game enthusiasts circle.


In fact, martial arts end tour with the development of mobile games, more and more vulnerable. There is only a certain amount of sound on the market, or only three major martial arts online games works \"Swordnet 3\",\" Tianya Mingyue Dao OL\" and \"Anti-Water Cold \". There are different areas of expertise. The social atmosphere of Swordnet 3 has always been excellent; the battle system of the Tianya Ming Moon Dao OL has been constantly enjoyed by players; and the most single-machine model of the \"Anti-Water Cold \", in the picture quality and plot excellence is also unmatched.


It can be said that in fact, domestic martial arts single the best age, basically can be said to start with 95 years of \"Xianjian 1\", in 2007\" Xianjian 4\" end. This is also the best time for domestic single machines and even the whole domestic game. \"Immortal Sword 1\" is no less than the Japanese RPG masterpiece of the same period;\" Xuanyuan Sword 3\" is considered by many players to have achieved the world RPG first-class level of the same period;\" Sword Seal Magic Record\" and \"Meteor Butterfly Sword\" action strike sense comparable to \"Black Soul \";\" Youcheng Magic Sword Record\" plot abuse and difficulty refreshed the understanding of many players of domestic games. Although all can only be memories, never come back. But it was nice to have you before.


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